Russia scoffs but Putin could stand trial for alleged war crimes, ICC chief prosecutor says | CNN

[ad_1] CNN  —  The International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor believes Russian President Vladimir Putin could stand trial for alleged crimes committed during Russia’s war in Ukraine, he told CNN on Friday, despite Moscow’s arguments that it is not subject to the court’s decisions. In an interview with CNN’s Clarissa Ward, Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan pointed … Read more

The giant Antonov An-225 plane was destroyed in Russia’s invasion. But Ukraine says it will fly again | CNN

[ad_1] Hostomel, Ukraine CNN  —  The sheared nose cone of the Antonov An-225 cargo plane towers over Yevhen Bashynsky. Affectionately known as the Mriya, or “Dream,” the leviathan plane was the pride of Ukraine and of 38-year-old Bashynsky, one of its pilots. This is the first time Bashynsky has come back to see what remains … Read more

Russia hawks exploit blogger’s death to demand executions and an even harsher crackdown on dissent | CNN

[ad_1] CNN  —  The killing of Russian military journalist Vladlen Tatarsky has set off angry demands among politicians and commentators in Russia for the return of the death penalty, and for a merciless crackdown on dissent through greater use of terrorism and treason charges. Tatarsky was killed when an improvised device exploded during an event … Read more

Video shows moment of deadly explosion at cafe in Russia | CNN

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Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich appeals against arrest, Russian state media says | CNN

[ad_1] CNN  —  Detained Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich has filed an appeal against his arrest in Russia, the Russian state news agency TASS reported Monday. The agency cited the press service of the Lefortovo Court of Moscow, which took the American journalist into custody last week. Gershkovich is currently being held in a … Read more

‘Scary, cold, hungry and lonely’: Volunteer soldier shares experience on front line | CNN

[ad_1] ‘Scary, cold, hungry and lonely’: Volunteer soldier shares experience on front line A young volunteer soldier, Akula, who signed up for the war at the beginning of the Russian invasion is now dealing with the trauma of war. He spoke to CNN’s David McKenzie about his time on the front lines and how it … Read more

Russia arrests anti-war activist following blast that killed hawkish blogger | CNN

[ad_1] CNN  —  Russian authorities have detained a 26-year-old anti-war protester, claiming she was involved in the blast that killed well-known military blogger Vladlen Tatarsky at a cafe in St. Petersburg on Sunday. The country’s interior ministry added Daria Trepova to a wanted list following the explosion, and her arrest was announced on Telegram by … Read more

Inside Donald Trump’s rocky relationship with the Supreme Court | CNN Politics

[ad_1] Editor’s Note: Adapted from “NINE BLACK ROBES: Inside the Supreme Court’s Drive to the Right and Its Historic Consequences,” by Joan Biskupic, published by William Morrow. CNN  —  Some Supreme Court justices thought Donald Trump was setting them up. Two days after the official swearing-in of Justice Brett Kavanaugh in October 2018, the president … Read more

Prominent Russian military blogger killed in St. Petersburg cafe blast | CNN

[ad_1] CNN  —  A well-known Russian military blogger was killed in an explosion at a cafe in St. Petersburg on Sunday, officials said, in what appeared to be an audacious attack on a high-profile pro-Kremlin figure. Vladlen Tatarsky died when a blast tore through the cafe where he was appearing as a guest of a … Read more

Opinion: Trump’s unlikely Manhattan saga faces unprecedented moment | CNN

[ad_1] Editor’s Note: Sign up to get this weekly column as a newsletter. We’re looking back at the strongest, smartest opinion takes of the week from CNN and other outlets. CNN  —  In 1971, an Ivy League graduate in his mid-20s rented a studio apartment on Third Avenue and 75th street in New York City. … Read more